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Life is an Opportunity!

Sometimes we need to simply shift our perspective, so that the various challenges we face in our life can become opportunities - opportunities for personal growth, and also opportunities to be able to see what we can do to support, uplift, comfort and encourage others. It's easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed by challenging times. Instead, try cultivating greater patience with yourself, greater kindness, more compassion.

And consider what you can do that helps to serve others, from this place of kindness and compassion. Provide a loving touch, a kind word, a thoughtful action, to support those you encounter in your life.

Simply acknowledging the other person - to truly listen to what they have to say - can be so powerful.

Life gives us the chance to learn to know who we truly are and to use our gifts, whatever they may be, to express our truth and to uplift others.

These gifts can include different forms of creative expression - art, music, writing, dance etc. - that can give joy to others. While an expression of you, your creative output can also be an expression of something that deeply resonates in the soul of another, that touches the core of their being.

When we are more in touch with our intuition, this gives us the opportunity to see and understand more clearly - to recognize the voice of our divine self, and to listen to, and act on, the clear message of that voice.

Try approaching the various challenges in your life with greater openness and with more compassion (including for yourself), and learn to listen to, and trust, your inner guidance more and more each day.

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