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Cindy's Story

Yoga and meditation have been an important part of my life since 2003, after first being drawn to yoga to heal issues with anxiety and depression. After exploring a wide range of yoga styles and traditions, I attended my first Kundalini Yoga class in early 2009 and was immediately hooked, adopting it as my daily practice from my first class!


I have personally experienced the practice of Kundalini Yoga to be especially helpful to more effectively deal with stress (conscious breathing works wonders!) as well as to manage chronic lower back pain resulting from an old car accident, due to the practice's focus on spinal flexibility.

I found the combination of chanting mantras along with the postures, strong breathwork, mudras and energy locks created a deep sense of connection as well as a greater degree of inner peace and ease. And discovering that each of us has the power to choose how we respond appropriately to any situation, rather than to simply 'react', was quite a revelation. Each and every one of us has the ability to discover the connection of our mind, body and spirit as well as experience a sense of wider connection with one another and beyond, discovering the infinite within the finite.

I am a Yoga Alliance RYT-500/KRI Level 2 certified teacher, having completed my Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Level 2 training in 2022. I am grateful for my many teachers and students now and all along the way.

I have always had a deep interest in music and art, from a very young age.  I have training as a musician, and I received a BFA degree in Illustration from the University of Delaware.

Kundalini yoga has made an enormous positive difference in my life, and I love to share the many benefits that this wonderful technology has to offer and to help my students navigate their path of self-discovery.

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