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Attitude of Gratitude

This time of year presents us with an opportunity to focus on gratitude. It can be easy to find plenty to be grateful for when our lives feel like they're running smoothly. But when we're in the midst of dealing with the bigger challenges that life throws at us (physical, mental, emotional or a combination of all of these!) it can feel difficult to get into the mindset of gratitude, to feel grateful for anything.

However, if we can shift into a place of finding something, anything, that we are grateful for, we can also shift how we feel inside.

After you read this paragraph, please take a minute (or 2 or 3!) and close your eyes - see if you can come up with at least 5 things in your life about which you feel grateful. They can be big, small or in-between. Your list may be longer, and if it keeps growing, let it grow. You can choose to write them down or not, as you wish.

Once you have your list, close your eyes again and sit and contemplate these 'gratitudes' in your life. Simply observe how feeling thankful makes you feel. Notice what you're feeling - physically, emotionally, energetically etc. There's no right or wrong, you're simply feeling and observing your inner landscape.

You may have noticed a shift, subtle or strong, in how you feel now versus how you felt before this simple exercise.

When you're feeling low or challenged in any way, it can help lift your energy to spend a couple of minutes just thinking of something you feel grateful for in your life. You can add this practice to your daily routine as well!

When we feel beset by health issues or family challenges or work problems or any other issues in our life (insert your own experience here...), we can feel our heart center closing down, to ourselves and others. Focusing on gratitude can help keep our hearts open, knowing that we have some form of support in our lives - the support of those who love us and whom we love and appreciate in turn.

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